Lebron James, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Hugh Jackman. What do they all have in common? Just like an athlete or an actor, a corporate professional needs a coach. All four famous figures have worked with a coach at some point in their careers. The goals in life that you are pursuing, can be accelerated by working with a career coach or an executive coach.

During a training I once attended, the instructor said if no one ever gave you feedback on areas to improve upon, you will be stuck in status quo. Our minds and our workplace are constantly evolving, and our careers must develop at a similar pace. Be open to feedback and use it your advantage to improve.

When to hire a coach?

  • You are not moving up in your organization. If you have potential and are capable, most organizations will invest in your career development and pay for your coaching services, if they have a training budget. Most organizations have established budgets for learning, development and leadership progression. If you don’t ask your company about it, you may not receive the benefits. All organizations want to hire and retain high potential employees. Asking for investment in yourself reinforces your drive and motivation for success.
  • You landed a new job offer but are unsure if and how to negotiate your offer terms. A career coach shares tips and tricks to help you understand your worth.
  • You are ready to look for a new job. Searching for your next RIGHT job can be a full-time job. A career coach will help you organize yourself and point you a clear direction.
  • You are unsure about your resume. A career coach will help you showcase your qualifications and professional experiences to align with the roles for which you apply.

Refresh, re-energize, reframe, rethink, reinvent your career and renew your earning potential with a career coach.